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Through in house research we aim to design new craft beer recipes incorporating tastes and flavors of Cyprus. Recipe formulation is a creative exercise that puts all skills and imagination to the test. We have been brewing small test batches adding fruit, spices and other fun ingredients locally sourced. Fresh strawberries, fresh prickly pears, fresh watermelon juice, cloves, coriander, peel from fresh oranges and lemon, cardamom, carob honey… thousands of fun ideas still to try. We hope to be able to bring you these new tastes soon!



Maintaining consistent temperatures during mashing of malt, cooling down jacketed fermenters and maintaining desired temperatures during day and night. Reducing the cost of production. These are only a few of the problems we are currently facing. Our in house team with support from experts are trying innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of our equipment and procedures.



We have been trying to create our own innovative boxes and some new ways of promoting these to our Cyprus. Get ready for polystyrene cool boxes filled with beers and ice for your day on the beach. You will be able to order these online and pick them up on your way out of Nicosia! More ideas coming



Growing hops in Cyprus. We have already imported and planted various types of hops in an effort to discover which types can grow here. The long term plan should be to have some local hops and potentially malts to brew a real Cyprus ale.  

Innovative labels and engagement of the customers. Plenty of ideas to try and engage with customers and create new labels for the collectors.

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